Everything is slower in the west (time wise!). Word comes from the East; in Dublin the Cherry trees have been blooming for weeks. Our side of Ireland has a more considered, one by one, bloom. Humph.
The Blackthorn is fully out, even its little green leaves are starting to bud by now – an advanced state of blossom! The Gorse, or Furze or Whin, Ulex, is coming into its best flower and any blast of sunshine gives a sweet hit of toasted almond-coconut, shiver-exciting in a dark, wet, Mayo Spring. During the last couple of days the Crabapples have stirred themselves to pop open a few clusters. The Birch and Alder have been swinging their catkins for weeks. Maybe it’s this slow tip-toey cool slide into Spring that lets you notice the individual turns…anyway, with the blooms comes the sniff in the air of glorious summer!

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