grass mountain 1st pull

100 x 70 cm

Grass Mountain, new plate, first pull,first proof | 2014 | In progress PRINT WORK | Comments (2)

2 Responses to “Grass Mountain, new plate, first pull,first proof”

  1. Joan Walton says:

    Always so hard to see what is going on, on the computer screen. I have been going back and forth between this and the September post with the plate. The blacks in the plate photos had more gradations…..very subtle like your photos. The blacks here (in the foreground grasses) look consistently hard all the way across. I hope you don’t mind my commenting.

    • admin says:

      I’m delighted to get your thoughts, thank you. Yes, it is quite harsh – but..its just a first ‘pull’, a proof to see whats there, on the plate. Normally only I would look at these testers. I decided to show images from the process. Its interesting for example how a different version of ‘black’ ink can change the whole feeling, also the way you choose to wipe the plate – edges can be harsh or soft ..or lost completely!

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